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St Margaret's, Worthing

This interesting looking medieval church, hosts an 11-12th century round tower and nave. Between 1781 and the 1820s the chancel was demolished – a mound of flintwork to the northeast of the church possibly consists of its remains, although this isn’t certain. What gives the church its unusual appearance is the result of the tower being reduced to the level of the nave roof in the 18th century.
Within the diverse churchyard are a number of plant species that have been identified as ‘dependent on churchyards’ – mainly as a result of these pockets of grassland continuing to be managed by traditional methods, with areas beneficially being left uncut until late summer. These species are predominantly found the north-side of the church and include the striking ox-eye daisy, delicate meadow saxifrage, burnet-saxifrage and the frothy-flowered lady’s bedstraw.
To the south of the church you can also discover ivy-leaved speedwell, common knapweed, lesser celandine, snowdrop and lords and ladies.
At the very northern corner of the site, is a rough, uncut area within which further attractive species such as bladder campion, field forget-me-not, perforate St. John’s wort, star of Bethlehem, agrimony and pretty sweet violets can be found.
The healthy abundance and diversity of flowers attracts a range of nectar feeding insects such as bees, butterflies and moths. It is also a great spot for a little birding, with Little owls breeding on site.

Best time to visit
In very early spring, the lesser celandine, snowdrops and sweet violets should all be in flower. In order to see the greatest diversity of flora and insect life however, the best time to visit the churchyard is late June-late summer. For the meadow saxifrage, visit April-June.

Getting involved
f you would like to get involved with the management of the churchyard, please contact the warden via this link




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