Vine House Farm Bird Food

Coal tit on feeder (credit Elizabeth Dack) 1/3
Blue tits on suet cake (credit Nicholas Watts – Vine House Farm) 2/3
Bird feeders 3/3
When you buy your bird food and bird feeding accessories from Vine House Farm, you are not only helping the birds that visit your garden, you are helping to support NWT's work for birds and wildlife all across Norfolk.

If you are a new customer to Vine House Farm, they will make a donation of £10 to Norfolk Wildlife Trust when you make your first order.

The continued loyalty of our members, and the number of them, allows us to enjoy a special partnership with Vine House Farm, who make a guaranteed contribution of £4,000 every year in return.

There are five good reasons to keep supporting Vine House Farm, so that they can support us too:
  1. Vine House Farm gives £10 to Norfolk Wildlife Trust for every NWT member that makes a first order
  2. Most of their seed mixes are grown on their conservation award-winning farm in Lincolnshire, where wildlife thrives
  3. All prices include delivery direct from the farm, with no hidden extras, and next day delivery. No need to carry heavy bags of food back from the shop or garden centre
  4. They offer a wide range of bird food, feeders, nest boxes and accessories
  5. In recognition of the ongoing support by NWT, Vine House Farm will generously donate a sum of £4,000, for all of Norfolk's wildlife, all of the year

Take a look at Vine House Farm's 2024 leaflet:
   Vine House Farm leaflet 2024 Download   

A long-term commitment to the Wildlife Trusts

The relationship between Vine House Farm bird foods and the Wildlife Trusts nationally has lasted almost 15 years and has raised an incredible £2.5 million for our work. Thanks to the support of our members for our partners, NWT alone has received over £65,000 since 2009.

Buy bird food and accessories direct from Vine House Farm and you will help to raise even more funds for the wildlife and wild places where you live. Thank you for your support!