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Blue tits on suet cake, credit Nicholas Watts – Vine House Farm 1/3
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Every sale supports the work of the Wildlife Trusts 3/3

Did you know, the first time you buy from Vine House Farm wild bird food £10 is donated to Norfolk Wildlife Trust, with up to a further 4% of sales on an ongoing basis?

The Wildlife Trusts have been in partnership with conservation award-winning Vine House Farm since 2007. They farm in a way that encourages wildlife by offering a wide range of habitats, while growing, packing and dispatching bird seed direct from their Lincolnshire farm, ensuring that their family-run business always operates in an environmentally-friendly way.

During their long term commitment to supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ work, in protecting and restoring areas for nature and inspiring people to experience wildlife first-hand, Vine House Farm has donated in excess of £1,250,000 to The Wildlife Trusts, with almost £50,000 coming to Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Paul Wilkinson, Head of Partnerships, The Wildlife Trusts said:  “The Watts family are true nature conservation leaders, and their incredible long-term support has enabled us to protect and enhance wildlife in every corner of the UK. We look forward to working with Nicholas and his family at Vine House Farm for many more years to come, and to celebrating how our relationship is helping to connect people with the natural world and benefit our precious wildlife and wild places. Through the support of Vine House Farm, The Wildlife Trusts have been able to restore beautiful grasslands, conserve ancient woodlands, and protect wetland habitats.”
Fourth-generation farmer Nicholas has been working the land at Vine House Farm in Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire, since he was a boy. His bird watching hobby became part of his work in 1992, leading to an MBE for his wildlife conservation work and wildlife-friendly farm management, and many other awards.

Nicholas Watts MBE, said: “Farming this way is a way of life for us and it brings about great pleasure to see wildlife thriving. I have always enjoyed feeding birds and now I am feeding more than I could ever have imagined with the help of our customers!”

Over the last 20 years, thanks to wildlife-friendly measures put in place at the farm, barn owl and whitethroat numbers have quadrupled, and tree sparrow and lapwing numbers have increased ten-fold.
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