Tree Surveys for Development

Tree Survey 1/1
Our arboricultural consultant will inspect the trees on and adjacent to the site, and assess their health, longevity and value for amenity, landscape and wildlife.  Following the survey, we can:
  • produce a Tree Constraints Plan showing the trees on site, their canopies, Root Protection Areas, expected life span and any constraints they present
  •  produce an Arboricultural Impact Assessment to show what effects will occur should the development take place
  • conduct more specialist assessments for shading and expected future growth that may be needed to inform architectural layout and design
  • develop an Arboricultural Method Statement that will set out how construction must take account of trees on site
  • provide supervision on site of operations that may damage retained trees and help workers to reduce risk
  • Our tree surveys conform to the British Standard BS5837:2012 ‘Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations'