Wider Conservation

Norfolk Wildlife Trust is an influential voice in public debate. Representing the views of our membership, we seek to influence local decision-makers about the value of nature.

In particular, we have a focus on promoting:

  • A Living Landscape and Living Seas and the benefits to people and wildlife;
  • Support and funding needs to allow us to achieve our Vision;
  • Policy changes needed to support nature’s recovery.

Western Link for NDR options are unacceptable, says NWT

11 Jan, 2019
None of the proposed routes for the NDR Western Link Road could be built without unacceptable...

NWT responds to Draft Environment Bill

20 Dec, 2018
Norfolk Wildlife Trust calls for major improvements to the draft Environment Bill to put nature...

New report shows nature-friendly farmers boost recovery

03 Dec, 2018
A group of more than 40 cereal farmers are proving that it is possible to help...

Pigneys Wood volunteers win prestigious countryside award

28 Nov, 2018
A group of volunteers working at the Trust's newest nature reserve, Pigneys Wood, has won the...

The Wildlife Trusts respond to Godfray review of bTB eradication strategy

13 Nov, 2018
Huge disappointment at limitations of Bovine TB Strategy Review led by Sir Charles Godfray. The...

Campaign needs your voice for nature

26 Oct, 2018
The Wildlife Trusts are asking supporters to meet with their local MP to discuss how the...

New Agriculture Bill vital to recover nature

12 Sep, 2018
Today the Government publishes the Agriculture Bill. The recovery of wildlife in the UK &ndash...

Sounding Coastal Change - 24 Hour Live Broadcast

17 Jul, 2018
As part of World Listening Day, Sounding Coastal Change present a 24 hour live broadcast from...

Broads’ projects get more than £10,000 to keep the National Park special

25 Jun, 2018
Norfolk Wildlife Trust has received £1,200 for buoyancy aids and education resources for...

County Wildlife Sites threatened by government planning changes

27 Apr, 2018
From ancient woodlands and flower meadows to wildlife oases in our towns and cities, there are...
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British White calves in the NWT grazing herd

by Dave Tallentire
One of the great joys of working on nature reserves is being able to witness the seasonal change...

Restoration of a Mid-Norfolk hidden gem

by John Milton
The Dereham Stream, sometimes called the Wendling Beck, meanders through a broad valley, linking...

Himalayan Balsam

by Steve Collin
Since its introduction to Britain, Himalayan balsam has spread throughout the country invading...

Lambing season at Norfolk Wildlife Trust

by Dave Tallentire
The cold weather during late winter has certainly pushed back the arrival of spring. However...

A record breaking year of volunteering for NWT

by Alan Marchbank
Volunteers support just about every aspect of Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s work: whether...

County Wildlife Action

by Helen Baczkowska
Over the past two years, volunteers across Norfolk have been busy recording wildlife on open...

Natural drama under the surface of the Broads

by Kevin Hart
Norfolk is rich in habitats and wildlife, with the Broads a shining jewel in the crown. A...

Water soldier removal at Thompson Water

by Jonathan Preston
When we think of wetlands in Norfolk, our minds probably head to the Broads National Park with...

Amazing Grazing

by Nick Acheson
Dusk in the Brecks. From a dusty stretch of grass comes a grating wail: one voice, then another...

A changing climate

by Nick Acheson
After two almost wholly dry months in much of the UK, after punishing heatwaves in southern...
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The pride of Pigneys

by Mark Webster on 04 Dec, 2018
When you work in practical conservation, it's not often that you get to put your glad rags on...

New wildlife information signs

by Steve Cox on 23 Oct, 2018
11 new information boards have been placed in the Barton Broad and Catfield Fen area, telling...

Seizing the moment

by David North on 13 Sep, 2018
Campaign for a Wilder Britain Fact: Britain is a nation of wildlife lovers and we have the...

Thorpe Marshes in the 1960s

by Chris Durdin on 09 Jan, 2018
John Rushmer, now aged 93, farmed what is now NWT Thorpe Marshes in the 1960s. His memories were...

Orchards East in Norfolk

by Rachel Savage on 25 Oct, 2017
Everybody seems to love an orchard: they tick all the boxes in terms of conservation. Like...

Wildlife going off the rails?

by Mark Webster on 16 Oct, 2017
Old railway lines in Norfolk can be fantastic havens for wildlife, according to project officer...
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