School grounds advice

Our school grounds advice aims to enhance the area for wildlife and outdoor learning. All aspects of the school grounds can be used to encourage wildlife with small changes. These small changes can be carried out by the pupils themselves to encourage not only wildlife but learning outside.

The Senior Education Officer will look at the whole school grounds, giving advice on how to improve the whole area, in a prioritised and realistic way. Providing advice on the whole site prevents small isolated developments from occurring which can later seem located in an inappropriate area. Advice will be based on the following aspects.


Advice on which species are most suitable for different locations e.g shaded areas. We encourage planting native species which are good at encouraging pollinators.


Advice on small changes to the maintained of the school grounds which can have a significant benefit to wildlife.


Advice on how to manage your school pond to maintain a healthy habitat which can be used to teach children about freshwater invertebrates.

Pupil activities

Advice on what activities children can carry out to improve the school grounds for wildlife and encourage outdoor learning.


School grounds advice £75 + VAT
School grounds advice with report £150 + VAT