Members of Staff as at 11 June 2020



Chief Executive and Company Secretary: Pamela Abbott
Strategic Project Manager: Ian Leatherbarrow
Governance Officer: Marion Riches
HR Manager: Kate Martin
HR Officer: Anna Proctor
Assistant to the CEO's Office: Elouise Blanchflower 


Director of Development and Engagement: Nik Khandpur

PR & Communications Manager: Rebecca Lyon
Graphic Designer: Hannah Moulton
Online Communications Officer: Michelle Reeve

Fundraising Manager: Kate Aldridge
Legacy Officer: Jane Ryan
Grants Officer: Jane Warren
Fundraising Officer (Claims): Martin Parker
Individual Giving and Community Officer: Ginny Seppings
Senior Membership Administration and Data Officer: Lucy Denman
Corporate & Membership Development Officer: James Hogg
Fundraising Assistant: Sian Stevenson
Membership Assistant: Jean Pettit
Membership Assistant: Jill Dawber

Head of Engagement (new post)
Senior Community Officer: Gemma Walker
Senior Education Officer: Annabel Hill
Education Officer: Isabelle Mudge
Seasonal Engagement Officer: Georgie Lake
Volunteer Coordinator: Alan Marchbank
Volunteer Monthly Task Leader: Lucy Seely
Interpretation Officer: Chris Hood


Director of Nature Conservation: Kevin Hart

Acting People and Wildlife Manager: John Hiskett
Conservation Officer: Helen Baczkowska
Conservation Officer: Sam Brown
Conservation Officer (Planning): Mike Jones
Living Landscapes Officer: Matt Jones
Assistant Conservation Officer: Rebecca Evans

Nature Conservation Support Manager: Debs Kershaw
Grazing Manager: Tim Green
Deputy Grazing Manager: Andy Dunn
Shepherd: Corinne Lehmann
Reserves Officer (Countryside Stewardship): Aaron Brown
Nature Conservation Administration Officer: Clare Gibson
GIS Officer: Ellie Roberts

Nature Conservation Manager West: Jonathan Preston
West Norfolk Reserves Manager: Ash Murray
West Norfolk Deputy Reserves Manager: Anne Simpson
West Norfolk Reserves Assistant: Lukas Rowe
West Norfolk Reserves Assistant: Stephen Rowland
Holme Dunes Warden: Gary Hibberd
Holme Dunes Seasonal Assistant: Hollie Panks
Holme Dunes Apprentice: George Soames
Weeting Warden: James Symonds
Brecks Reserves Lead Officer: Kyle Jennings
Brecks Reserves Assistant: Isabella Williamson
Brecks Reserves Assistant: Nathan Pickering

Nature Conservation Manager East: Steve Collin
Cley & Salthouse Marshes Warden: George Baldock
Cley & Salthouse Marshes Assistant: Bernard Bishop
Cley & Salthouse Marshes Seasonal Reserves Assistant: Ken Foster
Broads North Reserves Manager: John Blackburn
Broads North Senior Reserves Assistant: Jon Wheeler
Broads North Senior Reserves Assistant: Rob Smith
Reserves Officer (Communications): Bob Morgan
Trinity Broads Warden: Eilish Rothney
Broads South Reserves Assistant: Gary Williams
Broads South Trainee: Joseph Hamilton
Wood and Heaths Senior Reserves Assistant: Daniel Maidstone
Wood and Heaths Reserves Assistant: Amelia MacFarlane

Nature Conservation Operations Manager: Adam Pimble
Machinery Specialist: Paul Lambert


Head of Ecosystem Restoration: John Milton


Head of Finance and Support Services: Colin Ford
Finance Officer: Gill Hudd
Finance Assistant: Kim Farrow
IT Manager: Mike Hudd
IT Officer: Chris Hunt
IT Apprentice: Jordan Dewbery
Support Services and Properties Officer: Sheila Weller
Receptionist (Mon - Tues): Sarah Carey
Receptionist (Weds - Fri) Teresa Le Compte

Norfolk Wildlife Enterprises & Visitor Centres

Visitor Centre and Sales Manager: Nick Morritt
Sales Officer: Amy Cartwright
Cley Visitor Centre Manager: Ewan Carr
Cley and Holme Dunes Catering Manager: Janine Shea
Cley Community Engagement Officer: David Fieldhouse
Cley Senior Catering Assistant: Silvia Combe
Cley Visitor Reception Assistant: Beverley Whiley
Cley Visitor Reception Assistant: Caroline Key
Cley Senior Catering Assistant & Holme Dunes Café Supervisor: Abi Woodruff
Cley Senior Catering Assistant: Adam Delarey
Cley Catering Assistant: Marie Garry
Cley Catering Assistant: Zoe Soul
Cley Catering Assistant: Nigel Soul