Find out more about managing ponds within the landscape (photo M Watson) 1/3
Download a leaflet on amphibians in your garden (common frogs by Richard Burkmarr). 2/3
Learn more about creating a garden for butterflies (comma by Elizabeth Dack). 3/3

Norfolk Wildlife Trust has produced a series of leaflets covering many different aspects of wildlife - from managing meadows and ponds at a landscape scale to gardening with wildlife in mind.

Community wildlife advice

   NWT otter information sheet Download   
   NWT-Biodiversity-and-Planning Download   
   NWT-Roadside-Nature-Reserves Download   
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Landscape scale conservation

   Delivering-Nature-Conservation-at-a-Landscape-Scale - Download   
   Why-Landscape-Scale-Conservation-is-Important - Download   
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Landscape History

   Norfolk-Wildlife-Trust-Claylands-Landscape-History-Toolkit-010523 Download   
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Landscape Connectivity

   Norfolk-Wildlife-Trust-Community-Guide-to-Landscape-Connectivity-010523 - Download   
   Norfolk-Wildlife-Trust-Landowners-Guide-to-Landscape-Connectivity-010523 Download   
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Meadows and grasslands

   About Wildflower Grasslands in Norfolk - Download   
   Enhancing-Grasslands-using-Green-Hay - Download   
   Managing Wildflower Grasslands - Download   
   Norfolk-Wildlife-Trust-Pasture-Management-for-Horses-and-Wildlife-300523 - Download   
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Trees and woodlands

   Woodlands-for-Wildlife Download   
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All about gardens

   NWT-Amphibians-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Bat-Friendly-Gardens Download   
   NWT-Bird-Friendly-Gardens Download   
   NWT-Bumblebees-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Butterfly-Friendly-Gardens Download   
   NWT-Deadwood-in-the-Garden Download   
   NWT-Hedges-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-How-Green-is-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-How-to-Grow-Mistletoe Download   
   NWT-How-to-make-a-Compost-Heap Download   
   NWT-Make-your-own-Poppyland Download   
   NWT-Mammals-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Nightime-Garden-Wildlife Download   
   NWT-Reptiles-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Solitary-Bees-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Wildlife-Friendly-Lawns Download   
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Advice for school grounds

   NWT-Bug-Boxes Download   
   NWT-Butterfly-Garden Download   
   NWT-Composting Download   
   NWT-Consulting-With-Pupils Download   
   NWT-Creating-Hiding-Places-For-Animals Download   
   NWT-Creativity Download   
   NWT-Crop-Rotation Download   
   NWT-Fairy-and-Elf-Activity Download   
   NWT-Feeding-Birds Download   
   NWT-Footprint-on-Earth-Activity Download   
   NWT-Growing-Areas Download   
   NWT-Hedgehog-Boxes Download   
   NWT-Hedgerows Download   
   NWT-Marvellous-Minibeast-Activity Download   
   NWT-My-Own-Seed-Activity Download   
   NWT-Natural-Pest-Control Download   
   NWT-Nature-Detective Download   
   NWT-Nest-Boxes Download   
   NWT-Pond-Creation Download   
   NWT-Pond-Maintenance Download   
   NWT-School-Action-Plan Download   
   NWT-Sensory-Garden Download   
   NWT-Small-Trees Download   
   NWT-Special-Places-Activity Download   
   NWT-Spencer-Sparrow-Activity Download   
   NWT-Starting-a-School-Grounds-Project Download   
   NWT-Through-the-Seasonos Download   
   NWT-Treemendous-Dating-Agencey Download   
   NWT-Trees-From-Seeds Download   
   NWT-Water-For-Wildlife Download   
   NWT-Wildflower-Meadows Download   
   NWT-Wildsounds-Activity Download   
   NWT-Wildsounds-Activity (1) Download   
   NWT-Wormery Download   
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More leaflets coming soon:

Community wildlife advice:
  • Writing a Conservation Management Plan for Communities 
  • How to Undertake a Bioblitz 
  • How to Record, Access and Use Biological Records 

Meadows and Grasslands:

  • How to Restore a Meadow
  • Weed control on Grasslands 
  • Advice for Graziers and Landowners 
  • Surveying Meadows 

Trees and Woodlands:

  • Surveying Woodlands 
  • Pollards and Wildlife


  • Rapid Pond Surveying 
  • Managing Ponds at a Landscape Scale