Want to create your own poppyland? Download the leaflet below (poppies by David North). 1/3
Download a leaflet on amphibians in your garden (common frogs by Richard Burkmarr). 2/3
Learn more about creating a garden for butterflies by downloading one of our leaflets (comma by Elizabeth Dack). 3/3


Norfolk Wildlife Trust has produced a series of leaflets on all aspects of wildlife - from gardening and composting to specific plants and animals. Click on the links below that you are interested in to open a print-ready PDF of the leaflet.


   NWT-Amphibians-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Bat-Friendly-Gardens Download   
   NWT-Bird-Friendly-Gardens Download   
   NWT-Bumblebees-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Butterfly-Friendly-Gardens Download   
   NWT-Deadwood-in-the-Garden Download   
   NWT-Hedges-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-How-Green-is-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-How-to-Grow-Mistletoe Download   
   NWT-How-to-make-a-Compost-Heap Download   
   NWT-Make-your-own-Poppyland Download   
   NWT-Mammals-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Nightime-Garden-Wildlife Download   
   NWT-Reptiles-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Solitary-Bees-in-your-Garden Download   
   NWT-Wildlife-Friendly-Lawns Download   
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