Grizzled skipper, Foulden Common, Bob Carpenter 1/3
Grizzled skipper, NWT Narborough railway, Karl Charters 2/3
Grizzled skipper, NWT Narborough railway, Karl Charters 3/3

Grizzled skipper Pyrgus malvae

This distinctive butterfly is easily identified by its characteristic black and white chequer-board patterned wings and enjoys warm, sheltered spots with little vegetation. The grizzled skipper is also quite partial to buttercup nectar.

Conservation status

Distribution and population numbers have declined over the past few decades. It is a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species.

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Did you know?

Brownfield sites are perhaps now the most important habitat for the grizzled skipper. Gravel workings, railways and similar disturbed ground sites can often present ideal conditions.

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