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Green hairstreak by Richard Brunton 2/3
Green hairstreak by Ian Saggers 3/3

Green hairstreak Callophrys rubi

The gorgeous green hairstreak is the UK’s only truly green butterfly. It always sits with its wings closed so it is very rare to see that it is only the undersides of the wings that are green and the uppersides are dull brown. This makes it the only butterfly in the UK in which the brightest colours are restricted to the underside of the wings; in all other species the upperside is at least as colourful as the underside and is often far more beautiful.

Conservation status

The green hairstreak is common and widespread in Norfolk but restricted to scrubby unimproved habitats such as the edges of heaths, old railway lines and old commons.

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Did you know? The green hairstreak has the greatest range of larval foodplants of any UK butterfly. In Norfolk its foodplants include bird’s-foot trefoil, common rockrose, common broom, European gorse, bramble, buckthorn, dogwood and cross-leaved heath.
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