Grayling on sea campion, Cley shingle bank, Bob Ward 1/3
Grayling, Holkham 2/3
Grayling, Horsey dunes, Pat Adams 3/3

Grayling butterfly Hipparchia semele

This cleverly camouflaged butterfly can be spotted around coastal areas or grasslands, between mid July to mid September.

Conservation status

Graylings have declined nationally but numbers in Norfolk appear to have been stable since the 1980s. The large loss of inland heath habitats in Norfolk must however have markedly reduced its historic numbers and range. Today it is localised with a very patchy distribution.

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Did you know?

Grayling caterpillars feed at night on grasses. Before they are fully developed they hibernate in tussocky grass and emerge the following spring to start feeding again.

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