Glow worm larva, Thea Nicholls and Sandra Lockwood 1/1

Glow worm Lampyris noctiluca

These small luminescent invertebrates are more beetle-like than worm-like, with its scientific name translation meaning 'night shining fire lamp'. The males have hard cases which cover the wings when they are not in use, and the females are wingless and dark brown. Females sit waiting to mate whilst emitting a yellowish-green light.

Conservation status

Since the 1950s, there has been anecdotal evidence suggesting a decline in glow worm populations, not just in Britain, but in the whole of Europe. Only through recording glow worm sightings in Norfolk can we build a true picture of what is happening to this small but fascinating creature.

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Did you know?

Not all that glow, are glow worms. Some caterpillars, centipedes and fungi emit a luminescence.

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