Garden tiger, RSPB Strumpshaw Fen, Barry Madden 1/4
Garden tiger, NWT Hickling Broad, Adam Pimble 2/4
Garden tiger caterpillar, NWT Hickling, Elizabeth Dack 3/4
Garden tiger moth caterpillar by Andy Spragg 4/4

Garden tiger Arctia caja

The captivating garden tiger is an eye-catching little moth with highly variable markings. However, generally they have dark brown forewings crossed with cream lines. The hind wings are a pillar-box red with deep-blue spots bordered with black.

Conservation status

Once a quite common moth over most of Britain, it seems to have suffered considerable declines in many places since the 1980s, most notably in the south-east, including Norfolk. Recent studies have shown that this decline may be partially linked to a period of mild, wet winters.

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Did you know?

When disturbed, the moth will display its bright underwing, and produce a yellow fluid from the ducts behind its head, in an attempt to frighten off predators.

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