Garden tiger, RSPB Strumpshaw Fen, Barry Madden 1/4
Garden tiger, NWT Hickling Broad, Adam Pimble 2/4
Garden tiger caterpillar, NWT Hickling, Elizabeth Dack 3/4
Garden tiger moth caterpillar by Andy Spragg 4/4

Garden Tiger Arctia caja

The captivating garden tiger is an eye-catching little moth with highly variable markings. However, generally they have dark brown forewings crossed with cream lines. The hind wings are a pillar-box red with deep-blue spots bordered with black. You can spot one during July and August.

Conservation status

Once a quite common moth over most of Britain, it seems to have suffered considerable declines in many places since the 1980s. Recent studies have shown that this decline may be partially linked to a period of mild, wet winters.

Garden tiger - a UK Biodiversity Action Plan species

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Did you know?

When disturbed, the moth will display its bright underwing, and produce a yellow fluid from the ducts behind its head, in an attempt to frighten off predators.

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