Dingy skipper, NWT Narborough Railway Line, Andrew Ramsey 1/3
Dingy skipper, NWT Narborough Railway, Karl Charters 2/3
Dingy skipper, NWT Narborough Railway Line, Barry Madden 3/3

Dingy skipper Erynnis tages

This small butterfly, which is in severe decline, has a mottled grey-brown moth-like look, and is easily confused with the grizzled skipper. It can be seen flitting about in May and June.

Conservation status

The distribution and population of the dingy skipper is in serious decline mainly due to loss of habitat. It is a species of conservation concern and a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species.

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Did you know?

When roosting, the dingy skipper perches in a moth-like fashion with its wings curved in a position not seen in any other British butterfly.

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