Hermit crab by Dawn Watson and Rob Spray 1/2
Hermit crab by Helen Nott 2/2

Hermit Crab Pagurus spp

These house-shifters can be recognised if they are walking rather sliding, and usually opt for a spiral whelk or winkle shell. Typically found on rocky shores in the pools left by the receding tide.

Conservation status

Not threatened.

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Did you know?

They aren't really crabs at all and are more closely related to lobsters, this is more obvious when they are naked and their long soft body can be seen.

Hermit crabs must change their shells as they out grow them, this can lead to fights when shells are in short supply - weaker animals can be evicted. Some hermit crabs wear anemones for protection from predators and will transfer them when they move to a new larger shell.

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