Weasel by Alistair Kilburn 1/7
Weasel with prey by Trevor Round 2/7
Weasel on dead reeds by Elizabeth Dack 3/7
Weasel at Strumpshaw Fen by Elizabeth Dack 4/7
Weasel by Richard Porter 5/7
Weasel by Dave Roberts 6/7
Weasel by Elizabeth Dack 7/7

Weasel Mustela nivalis

This superb ‘tunnel-hunter’, with its flexible slender body, is able to hunt any time of the day or year. Weasels do not hibernate and so can be seen all year round.

Conservation status

Not threatened even though they have no legal protection in Britain. In years when prey numbers are low many weasels starve and few of the survivors breed. Local populations often experience extinctions. However, weasels are extremely good at re-colonising abandoned areas when conditions improve.

There is little competition for food between stoats and weasels. The stoat is much more aggressive and can handle larger prey, but the weasel is an excellent 'tunnel-hunter', reaching small rodents which the stoat cannot.

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Did you know?

A group of weasels may be known as a boogle, gang, confusion or pack.

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