Stoat by Nick Appleton 1/10
Stoat by Ross Jolliffe 2/10
Stoat by Paul Taylor 3/10
Stoat by Elizabeth Dack 4/10
Stoat by Francis Pendle 5/10
Stoats by Ross Jolliffe 6/10
Stoat by Richard Brunton 7/10
Stoat by Julian Thomas 8/10
Stoat by Gordon Coupland 9/10
Stoat by Bob Carpenter 10/10

Stoat Mustela erminea

This long and slender animal is a speedy, fierce little hunter and is aggressively territorial, and is particularly deft at climbing trees. The stoat is identifiable not only from its slim body, but the warm reddish brown fur, white underside and the long tail with a black tip.

Conservation status

The stoat is not threatened, although there is no legal protection in the UK.

Lack of available prey is probably the main cause of death for young stoats for which mortality is high. Other predators include owls, hawks or larger carnivores such as the fox and particularly the domestic cat.

There is little competition for food between stoats and weasels. The stoat is much more aggressive and can handle larger prey, but the weasel is an excellent 'tunnel-hunter', reaching small rodents which the stoat cannot.

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Did you know?

Stoats are curious animals and will investigate squeaking noises especially if they sound like the squeal of a rabbit in distress. It is said to be possible to attract them by standing still and sucking hard on the back of your hand!

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