Fox stalking along a hedge by Elizabeth Dack 1/10
Two fox cubs eyeing up a wood pigeon by Sue Seeley 2/10
Red fox by Julian Thomas 3/10
Red fox by Julian Thomas 4/10
Red fox by Elizabeth Dack 5/10
Red fox watched by cranes by Ian Davis 6/10
Fox by Michael Sankey 7/10
Fox by Tim Lake 8/10
Fox cub by Michael Sankey 9/10
Fox cubs by Thea Nicholls and Sandra Lockwood 10/10

Red Fox Vulpus vulpus

The familiar red fox, with its reddish-brown fur, bushy white-tipped tail, and large pointed ears, is a common animal that is highly adaptable to either urban or countryside environments. These resilient creatures – which are far from extinction - are often spotted at night, as they skulk down side-streets, cross main roads and raid the bins of their human neighbours.

Conservation status

Foxes are common and widely distributed so don’t have any formal protected status. However, it is now illegal to hunt foxes with dogs or to trap them with self-locking snares.

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Did you know?

Foxes don’t waste food and will actually collect surplus supplies and bury it to eat later.

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