Hedgehog by Peter Mallett 1/10
Fostered hedgehog now exploring by Elizabeth Dack 2/10
Hedgehog baby being weighed by Elizabeth Dack 3/10
Hedgehog by Julie Nelson 4/10
Hedgehog going towards woodland by Elizabeth Dack 5/10
Hedgehog in a garden by Paul Taylor 6/10
Hedgehog by Elizabeth Dack 7/10
Hedgehog by Tim Lake 8/10
Hedgehog by Ray Jones 9/10
Hedgehog by Hilary Tate 10/10

Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus

This common and familiar mammal is easily recognisable with its many spines, long dark snout, short tail and small ears. It is often spotted in parks or by hedges and, if you are lucky, maybe you will spot one snuffling around in your back garden.

Conservation status

Hedgehogs are of high conservation concern as their population continues to decline.

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Did you know?

Hedgehogs were also called hedge pigs.
In the 1980s hedgehog flavoured crisps were made, but luckily they didn’t contain any hedgehog!


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