Harvest mouse by Elizabeth Dack 1/2
Harvest mouse by Paul Laurie 2/2

Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus

The elusive, amber coloured harvest mouse is smaller than other British mice and tends to live in grassy habitats. The furless prehensile tail acts like a fifth limb enabling it to climb plant stems and their broad feet are perfect for extra balance. This tiny creature is fairly difficult to spot in the wild.

Conservation status

The conservation status of the harvest mouse is currently unknown. More information is needed on the distribution of harvest mice populations in Norfolk. Undoubtedly they have become rarer in cereal fields because of increased mechanisation and especially the use of combine harvesters. However, on the plus side, harvest mice are known to occur in a much wider range of habitats than previously thought.

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Did you know?

The harvest mouse is Europe’s smallest rodent, weighing between 5-10 grams and measuring 50-70mm.

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