Chinese water deer by Jackie Dent 1/10
Chinese water deer by David Colk 2/10
Chinese water deer at Hickling Broad by Nick Goodrum 3/10
Buck chinese water deer by Elizabeth Dack 4/10
Young chinese water deer by Elizabeth Dack 5/10
Chinese water deer at Strumpshaw Fen by Nick Goodrum 6/10
Chinese water deer by Neville Yardy 7/10
Chinese water deer in snow by Bob O'Neill 8/10
Chinese water deer by Craig Shaw 9/10
Chinese water deer by Kyle Dennis 10/10

Chinese Water Deer Hydropotes inermis

As its name suggests this unusual deer is not a native UK species, having been introduced from China in the nineteenth century. It favours wet, marshy habitat and is a strong swimmer when it needs to.

Conservation status

Chinese water deer are currently not under threat in Norfolk and the numbers are probably increasing in Britain. However, in its native East Asia the species is declining and it is currently classified by the IUCN as vulnerable.

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Did you know?

The UK population of Chinese water deer forms more than 10% of the world population.

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