Turkeytail by Elizabeth Dack 1/4
Turkeytail at NWT Ranworth by Paul Taylor 2/4
Turkeytail by Tony Leech 3/4
Turkeytail by Elizabeth Dack 4/4

Turkeytail Trametes versicolor

A common fan-shaped bracket fungus with concentric rings of varying colours, though typically brown, greys and creams, and grows on either dead or living wood.

Conservation status

A common and widespread species.

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Did you know?

Turkeytail is reputed to have strong natural immune properties and is currently being tested as a possible treatment for various ailments including cancers and tumours.

Turkeytail, like other fungi which grow on dead wood, are a crucial part of nature’s recycling systems and help recycle dead wood into nutrients which can benefit the soil and other living creatures.

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