Fly agaric by Ed Parnell 1/10
Fly agaric by Mark Ollett 2/10
Fly agaric by Peter Dent 3/10
Fly agaric by Alan Garrard 4/10
Fly agaric by Peter Dent 5/10
Fly agaric after the rain by Elizabeth Dack 6/10
Fly agaric by Kevin Murphy 7/10
Fly agaric by Bob Ward 8/10
Fly agaric by Julian Thomas 9/10
Fly agaric by Liz Morris 10/10

Fly Agaric Amanita muscaria

This highly poisonous mushroom, when fully-grown, has a plate-like pillar-box red cap, white spots and white gills which all render this toadstool a particularly recognisable fungus.

Conservation status

This species of fungi is not rare or threatened.

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Did you know?

The name fly agaric is believed to originate from its use as an insecticide when the mushroom is mixed with milk.

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