Chicken-of-the-woods by James Emerson 1/5
Chicken-of-the-Woods by Leigh Gallant 2/5
Chicken-of-the-Woods by Stan Dawkins 3/5
Chicken-of-the-Woods by Tony Leech 4/5
Chicken-of-the-Woods by Garth Inman 5/5

Chicken-of-the-Woods Laetiporus sulphureus

This edible bracket fungus has a fan shape with rounded, velvety edges and is a deep orangey-yellow colour. This fungus has its name due to the texture and taste resembling that of chicken.

Conservation status

Not threatened. A widespread species.

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Did you know?

As its name suggests, chicken-of-the-woods has the texture and flavour of chicken. It is one of the few edible bracket fungi and is eagerly looked for on mushroom forays. You can now buy chicken-of-the-woods kits which allow you to grow them in your garden. However, be warned, this species causes gastric upsets in some people, so if you have not eaten it before its best to try only a little to begin with!

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