Common darter male by Tabs Taberham 1/10
Common darter female by Tabs Taberham 2/10
Newly emerged common darter by Elizabeth Dack 3/10
Common darter by Elizabeth Dack 4/10
Common darter by Peter Dent 5/10
Common darter by Neville Yardy 6/10
Common darter by Paul Taylor 7/10
Common darter by Elizabeth Dack 8/10
Common darter by David Thacker 9/10
Common darter by Badu 10/10

Common Darter Sympetrum striolatum

One of the most abundant European dragonflies, the male common darter is typically a vivid red colour and the female turns from a yellow colour to a deep chocolate brown. The common darter can be found in a wide variety of wetland habitats, but generally prefer to breed on still waters such as ponds and lakes.

Conservation status

Common darter is a widespread and abundant species that can tolerate a wide range of conditions, but not shaded or polluted sites. Improved water quality will therefore benefit this species, but like most other dragonflies, it is threatened by sea level rise.

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Did you know?

There are about 5,500 species of dragonfly in the world. Most species live in the tropics, but here in Norfolk we have only ever recorded 34 species, although new migrants are arriving every year so keep your eyes open.

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