Female black tailed skimmer laying eggs by Tabs Taberham 1/10
Male black tailed skimmer by James Emerson 2/10
Black tailed skimmer by Shaun Whitmore 3/10
Black tailed skimmer by Peter Dent 4/10
Black tailed skimmer by Paul Taylor 5/10
Black tailed skimmer by Paul Taylor 6/10
Black tailed skimmer by Pat Adams 7/10
Black tailed skimmer by Paul Taylor 8/10
Black tailed skimmer by Richard Osbourne 9/10
Black tailed skimmer emerging from exuvia by Suzie Lay 10/10

Black Tailed Skimmer Orthetrum cancellatum

Common to Norfolk, the black-tailed skimmer can be spotted at many of Norfolk Wildlife Trust's nature reserves. The male’s blue abdomen and the female’s yellow colouration make the black-tailed skimmer a distinctive, easy-to-spot creature.

Conservation status

The black-tailed skimmer is found throughout   Norfolk and is expanding its range northward in England and is found in parts of Wales and Ireland.

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