Yellowhammer at Shotesham by Elizabeth Dack 1/10
Yellowhammer by Nick Goodrum 2/10
Yellowhammer looking for seeds by Elizabeth Dack 3/10
Yellowhammer looking for food by Elizabeth Dack 4/10
Yellowhammer on top of hedge by Elizabeth Dack 5/10
Yellowhammer by Peter Dent 6/10
Juvenile yellowhammer by Elizabeth Dack 7/10
Yellowhammer by Brian MacFarlane 8/10
Yellowhammer by Elizabeth Dack 9/10
Yellowhammer by Alex McLennan 10/10

Yellowhammer Emberiza citronella

This little golden yellow hedgerow bird has a distinctive song, and is likely to be seen around the Breckland heaths during spring and summer.

Conservation status

Yellowhammers have declined by more than 50% nationally in the past 20 years with their populations described as ‘dropping like a stone’ during the 1990s (Mead C, 2000).

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Did you know?

Traditionally yellowhammers in Breckland were known as gulers – a name thought to be derived from Gulden, a gold coin of Germany and the Netherlands

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