First winter waxwing, by Julian Thomas 1/2
Waxwing on guelder rose, by Elizabeth Dack 2/2

Waxwing bombycilla garrulus

The waxwing is a brightly coloured bird with a pink crest and breast and black mask this bird that is slightly smaller than a starling cannot be mistaken for anything else. They are often seen feeding in supermarket car parks because of their love of the red berries on the shrubs often planted there.

Conservation status

Waxwings are of least conservation concern but it is still important that the food plants that they depend on are protected.

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Did you know? Waxwings can become intoxicated if they eat fermenting fruit.

Waxwings are in the same family as finches and buntings and they have local names in some areas of silktail and chatterer.
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