Tree sparrow at Hardley by Nick Appleton 1/3
Tree sparrow by Nick Appleton 2/3
Tree sparrow by Rose Little 3/3

Tree Sparrow Passer Montanus

This small, tidy looking bird has suffered a drastic decline in numbers since 1970. By erecting several nesting boxes, you are more likely to see one.

Conservation status

Having undergone the most significant decline of our commoner species with a reduction of 85% in numbers in Britain between the two breeding atlas periods (1968-72 and 1988-91), the species is now on the red list and is also a listed species under the Norfolk Biodiversity Action Plan.

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Did you know?

The current population of tree sparrows in the UK is only about 3% of that of the 1970s, and it is now rarely seen in much of the south-west or north-west of Britain

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