Spotted flycatcher by Tabs Taberham 1/7
Spotted flycatcher by Leigh Gallant 2/7
Spotted flycatcher by Alex McLennan 3/7
Spotted flycatcher by Peter Mallett 4/7
Spotted flycatcher by David Colk 5/7
Spotted flycatcher by Nick Appleton 6/7
Spotted flycatcher by Alex McLennan 7/7

Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata

This grey-brown bird displays the characteristic streaked crown and breast, from which its common name is derived. You can spot the spotted flycatcher between April and August before they make the long journey back to spend the winter months in Africa

Conservation status

The spotted flycatcher used to be a common bird in Norfolk but has undergone a dramatic decline in its population. They have been declining in numbers since the 1960s, and between 1968-1998 the population fell by 79%. It is now listed on the Norfolk Biodiversity Action Plan.

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Did you know?

Spotted flycatchers have been seen feeding after dark on insects attracted to street lamps and to lighted windows.

Spotted flycatchers ringed in Norfolk have been found in such diverse places as eastern South Africa and Finland.

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