Spoonbill at NWT Cley by Eddie Deane 1/10
Spoonbill feeding by David Savory 2/10
Spoonbills at NWT Cley by Jeff Summerlin 3/10
Spoonbill at NWT Cley by Elizabeth Dack 4/10
Spoonbill in flight by Nick Appleton 5/10
Spoonbill by Elizabeth Dack 6/10
Spoonbill feeding offspring by Jim Mountain 7/10
Spoonbill in flight by Nick Appleton 8/10
Spoonbills by Graham Canny 9/10
Spoonbill by Paul Shaw 10/10

Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia

The spoonbill is a large white bird. It has a long black, yellow edged bill with a spatula shaped tip.

Conservation status

There are only small populations of spoonbills in the UK where they are of amber concern, in Europe they are of least concern with a widespread breeding population. The work to improve and protect the habitat within the Cley and Salhouse Living Landscape will benefit spoonbills.

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Did you know?

Spoonbills are silent. The male gathers the sticks for the nest but the female builds the nest.

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