Song thrush By Tabs Taberham 1/8
Young song thrush by Howard Stone 2/8
Song thrush by Paul Taylor 3/8
Song thrush by Elizabeth Dack 4/8
Song thrush with snail by Elizabeth Dack 5/8
Song thrush by Les Fisher 6/8
Song thrush by Julian Thomas 7/8
Song thrush by Elizabeth Dack 8/8

Song Thrush Turdus philomelos

These small, brown birds have a slightly jerky flight and yellow plumage can be seen on the wing. The song is incredibly distinctive, often lasting a few minutes and is comprised of loud, rich, musical phrases which are repeated.

Conservation status

Declining species – song thrushes have suffered a serious decline in numbers nationally, with more than a 50% reduction since the 1970s.

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Did you know?

Song thrushes break the shell of a snail by hitting it against a stone; this is known as an anvil.

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