Hobby by Elizabeth Dack 1/4
Hobby by Elizabeth Dack 2/4
Hobby at Strumpshaw Fen by Nick Goodrum 3/4
Hobby at Strumpshaw Fen by Nick Goodrum 4/4

Hobby Falco subbuteo

The Hobby is a small falcon, smaller than a Kestrel. With their long wings and streamlined shape, they are perfectly evolved for catching dragonflies and small birds, such as House Martins and Swifts, on the wing, often transferring their quarry from talon to mouth in mid-air. They are a migratory species, coming to Britain in summer to breed and wintering in Africa. Hobbies can be seen hunting over heathlands, flooded gravel pits and woodland edges.

Conservation status

Common. Listed under CITES Appendix I.

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