Grey partridge by David North 1/8
Grey Partridge by Bruce Carman 2/8
Grey partridges by Richard Brunton 3/8
Adult grey partridge by Richard Brunton 4/8
Grey partridge by Martin Staff 5/8
Immature grey partridge by Richard Brunton 6/8
Grey partridges by Nick Appleton 7/8
Grey partridge by Kay Mantripp 8/8

Grey partridge Perdix perdix

A distinctive plump bird with a mottled grey and brown back and short legs, the grey partridge can often be seen in Norfolk fields in the autumn and winter.

Conservation status

Both nationally and in Norfolk, the species has undergone a massive decline. The grey partridge is a red-listed species (one of the birds of highest conservation concern) because of a more than 80% decline since the 1970s.

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Did you know?

Partridges are said on average to spend only three minutes a day in flight and a group of partridges is called a covey.

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