Grey heron by Kevin Woolner 1/10
Grey heron by David Savory 2/10
Grey heron by Jackie Dent 3/10
Grey heron by Pat Adams 4/10
Grey Heron by Julian Thomas 5/10
Grey heron by Philip Ashton 6/10
Grey heron by David Thacker 7/10
Grey heron by Elizabeth Dack 8/10
Grey heron by Mali Halls 9/10
Grey heron by Elizabeth Dack 10/10

Grey Heron Ardea cinerea

This elegant bird can often be seen at the edge of a dyke in Norfolk, as it patiently waits for its prey to pass. With its dagger-like beak and its silent, slow movement making it an excellent predator of any passing fish.

Conservation status

Grey herons are common birds and are not at risk.

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Did you know? The other name for grey heron in Norfolk is the Harnser – there are several pubs called The Harnser in the Broads. The collective name for a group of herons is a siege.
A decoy heron on a garden pond is more likely to attract herons than deter them.
It was thought that eating the fat of a grey heron killed at the full moon would cure rheumatism.
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