Bullfinches by Elizabeth Dack 1/10
Bullfinches by Elizabeth Dack 2/10
Bullfinch by Elizabeth Dack 3/10
Female bullfinch eating sunflower seeds by Elizabeth Dack 4/10
Bullfinch by Bob Carpenter 5/10
Bullfinch by Chris Mills 6/10
Young bullfinch by Bob Carpenter 7/10
Bullfinch by Pat Adams 8/10
Bullfinch in snow by Wildstock 9/10
Bullfinch by Wildstock 10/10

Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula

With distinctive red underparts and black cap, the colourful bullfinch can be seen in parks, gardens and hedgerows and particularly enjoys feeding on the buds of fruit trees.

Conservation status

Nationally bullfinches have declined by more than 50% over the past 25 years. They are now on the red list of birds of highest conservation concern.

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Did you know?

Bullfinches often pair for life and this is one reason why the song of the bullfinch is rarely heard.

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