Syderstone Common, photo by Richard Osbourne 1/3
Syderstone Common, photo by Mike Page 2/3
Syderstone Common, photo by Richard Osbourne 3/3

Syderstone Common

Syderstone Common is a wonderful area of grass heath, punctuated with ephemeral ponds, and surrounded by secondary woodland.

The site is excellent for reptiles and amphibians, with seven species recorded. Woodlark often breed, and other notable avian visitors include turtle dove and lesser whitethroat.

Natterjack Toad

The rare natterjack toad is usually found at coastal sand dune sites, which makes inland Syderstone Common a real rarity. Smaller than the common toad, the natterjack has a thin yellow strip along its back. The male’s far-carrying mating call can be heard from up to 2km (1.25 miles) away on spring and early summer evenings. Please note that natterjacks and their habitat are highly protected. Disturbance and unlicensed photography are illegal.


In Norfolk, this scarce heathland bird has its stronghold in the Brecks, but a few pairs also usually nest on Syderstone Common.


great crested newt, smooth newt, natterjack toad, common lizard, adder, nightjar, woodlark, ling, wavy hair-grass, dodder, common lousewort, trailing St John’s wort, small copper and green hairstreak butterflies, small red-eyed damselfly, ruddy darter, migrant hawker.


broom, gorse, western gorse.

Year round

willow tit, linnet



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