Scarning Fen, photo by Richard Osbourne 2/4
Scarning Fen, photo by Mike Page 3/4
Scarning Fen, photo by Richard Osbourne 4/4

Scarning Fen

Despite its small size, Scarning Fen is home to a number of rare species including liverworts, mosses and several plants.

Excellent for invertebrates with 29 nationally scarce species recorded, including the small red damselfly. The site is very sensitive, so please tread carefully.

Small Red Damselfly
In the UK this species is locally common in south-western counties but very rare elsewhere; Scarning is its only site in Norfolk and holds a small, easily disturbed population. Males are a uniform scarlet, lacking any stripes on their bodies; females are darker. These weak-flying insects are on the wing from June to the start of September.

Scarning is on the western edge of Dereham. Leave the A47 south on Fen Road. Follow this minor road round to the left for 0.5km (0.3 miles) before parking carefully on the roadside.

Birds - Sedge and grasshopper warblers
Plants - Bladderwort, bog pimpernel

Birds - Reed bunting, sedge warbler
Plants - Bog pimpernel, marsh orchid, black bog rush, southern marsh helleborine, quaking grass, marsh pennywort
Insects - Small red damselfly

Plants - Mosses, liverworts, lesser tussock sedge

Plants - Mosses, liverworts, stonewort, black bog rush



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NR19 1LN
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OS Landranger 132
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TF 981 121
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