Guiding principles for visitor safety on our nature reserves

Norfolk Wildlife Trust aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for visitors to our nature reserves and visitor centres, and to ensure that the work of our staff, volunteers and contractors does not jeopardise visitor’s safety or health.

Our nature reserves form a key part of our objectives of protecting and enhancing Norfolk’s wildlife and wild places.  

The Trust takes reasonable measures to minimise risks in ways that are in accordance with these objectives but cannot eliminate all risks particularly where to do so would impact on wildlife and detract from the appeal of these wild and often remote places.

Responsibility for visitor safety at our nature reserves is shared between NWT and our visitors. You can play your part by:
  • Observing all notices during your visit
  • Being aware of weather conditions and the effects this could have on your visit
  • Following any instructions and advice given by Trust staff
  • Ensuring that children are properly supervised at all times
  • Wearing appropriate clothing and footwear

We hope you enjoy your visit.