East Hills by Michelle Hoare 1/4
Lords-and-ladues, East Hills by Michelle Hoare 2/4
White-tailed bumble bee, East Hills by Michelle Hoare 3/4
Field maple, East Hills by Michelle Hoare 4/4

East Hills

East Hills is a delightful, hilly and undulating stretch of woodland, running west to east on a valley edge of the River Tud, in Costessey, Norwich. It has public access throughout, with footpaths criss crossing the site. Thriving here are sweet chestnut, sycamore, hornbeam, mature coppiced beech, with stands of English oak and silver birch and areas of coppiced hazel.

The woodland has an impressive carpet of English bluebells in spring, alongside other beautiful early wildflowers such as moschatel, wood sorrel, greater stitchwort and pignut. Also to be found here are the evocatively-named climbing corydalis, dog’s mercury, enchanter’s nightshade, star of Bethlehem and dovesfoot cranesbill.

Best time to visit
At any time of year there will be something of interest to spot at East Hills, from majestic trees to hidden fungi and delicate wildflowers - but a late spring trip will capture the swathes of bluebells at their best.

Associated groups
A group of local volunteers, the Friends of Tud Valley, can be contacted here:

Get involved?
To find out more about future practical help needed at East Hills, please contact the Friends of Tud Valley (http://www.friendsofthetud.co.uk/) or Norwich Fringe Project https://norwichfringeproject.wordpress.com/


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