Six spot burner moth by Brian Tubby, Cremer's meadow 1/2
Blackcap by Brian Tubby, Cremer's meadow 2/2

Cremer's Meadow

Cremer’s Meadow is a species-rich, low-lying wet meadow following a wide stream (the Lackford Run), with a large  pond and an area of dry grassland.  Cremer’s Meadow is owned by the parish council and managed by a local committee as a parish nature reserve.
Some of the stunning wildflowers to be found in and around the wet meadow include cuckoo flower, marsh stitchwort, ragged robin, bog stitchwort, greater bird’s foot trefoil, marsh thistle and hemp agrimony.
Also present on this lovely site are meadow buttercup, flag iris, lesser spearwort, marsh bedstraw and a notable population of southern marsh orchids

Best time to visit
The area of wet meadow will be at its best during summertime, with the southern marsh orchids, ragged robin and meadow buttercup in full flower. The delightful, evocative scent of water mint and meadowsweet will also be at their height during the summer months.

Associated groups
Friends of Cremer’s Meadow can be contacted via Brundall Parish Council

Get involved
For details on any help needed with practical work on the site, please see the Friends of Cremer’s Meadow website.
More details on past workparties at Cremer’s Meadow can be found on the

For more information, please see the Freinds of Cremer’s Meadow website.



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NR13 4LD
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TG 332 088
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