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Bowthorpe Riverside (CWS 1450)

An expansive area of marsh and fen stretching alongside the River Yare meeting Bowthorpe Southern Park at its southern-most extent. This County Wildlife Site can broadly be split into 3 areas according to its geography, with the northern-most area comprised of grazing marsh, the southern-most area comprised of fen (reedbed) and marsh, and the eastern edge comprised of wet woodland and scrub. 
The grazing marsh in the north can be viewed from the roadside along which a number of interesting wild plants grow including common poppy and bee orchid. The fen and marsh in the south are fairly impenetrable, with dense stands of common reed, reed sweet grass and reed canary grass, providing excellent habitat for birds such as warblers and starlings.

Small tracks lead through hawthorn scrub to the wet woodland colonised by old willows and birch, opening out onto a neutral grassland meadow in the east.

Habitats - Neutral grassland, marshy grassland, fen, wet woodland, scrub
When to Visit – Visit in June and the roadsides leading to the site are in bloom with wildflowers, the neutral grassland in the south east is at its best this time. To see the bee orchids around the car park visit in late July and in spring the scrub is alive with bird song.

Associated Group -  Managed by Norwich City Council

Submit a wildlife sighting - Your wildlife records are important to us and we would love to know what wildlife you see when visiting this site. To submit a wildlife record for this site click here.


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