Trifid bur marigold 1/7
Thread-leaved water crowfoot 2/7
Southern marsh orchid 3/7
Large bittercress 4/7
Devils bit scabious 5/7
Common skullcap 6/7
Common Broomrape 7/7

Bowthorpe Marsh (CWS 2012)

This open expanse of marsh, fen and grassland, adjacent to the River Yare, connects up a wider living landscape from Bowthorpe Southern Park to Earlham Marshes. The undulating marshes are low lying and bisected by multiple dykes and ponds, creating a network of rain fed waterways that drain into the river.

A meandering expanse of tall reed and vivid wetland plants set affront a backdrop of mixed native scrub create a unique green gem in the heart of an urban setting. Wintering waders make their seasonal homes amongst the fen whilst blackcaps, warblers and wrens serenade the spring from the blackthorn backdrop. The higher ground to the west of the site supports a patchwork of neutral and acid grassland where an array of wildflower species flourish, creating a colourful carpet buzzing with insect activity in the spring and summer. Orange tip and meadow brown butterflies skip over the mosaic of campions, speedwells and geraniums whilst banded demoiselles balance along the edges of the River Yare.

Did you know? The population size of the Bowthorpe district has grown significantly over time, shaping the surrounding landscape from open marshes and arable fields to urban geography? In 1826 there were just four houses with a population of 21 people registered in the area, compared with today when it is now estimated over 20,000 people live in the region.

Habitats - Marshy grassland, scrub, acid grassland, neutral grassland, river, ponds, dykes

When to visit – The southern half of the site merges into a jigsaw of complementary colours when the array of flowers bloom in June. A hive of insect activity extends right across the summer until late-august, and breeding waders visit the flooded northern marshes from October through February.

Associated Group -  Managed by Norwich City Council

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Bowthorpe Marsh Local Nature Reserve

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