River Yare, Bluebell Marsh by Sophie Rosas 1/6
Horse Chestnut at Bluebell Marsh 2/6
Boardwalk at Bluebell Marsh by Sophie Rosas 3/6
Bluebell Marsh by Sophie Rosas 4/6
Bluebell Marsh by Sophie Rosas 5/6
Bluebell Marsh, River Yare by Sophie Rosas 6/6

Bluebell Marsh (CWS 1445)

Situated within the estate of the University of East Anglia (UEA), this County Wildlife Site stretches alongside the River Yare from the man-made UEA broad in the north to the A11 flyover in the south. The mosaic of habitats can be explored at any time of year via the wooden boardwalk that follows the course of the river through the site. An expansive area of common reed, reed sweet grass and reed canary grass intertwine to create an untouched area of fen in the north, home to many breeding bird species including reed bunting and marsh tit. 
Wet and dry woodland combine to form a thin strip connecting the marsh in the north to that in the south. Footpaths meander along the slow-flowing riverside along which otters can sometimes be spotted swimming in amongst the arrowheads and water lilies floating on the surface. The southern grazing marshes are home to a number of interesting sedge and rush species, crossed by a network of clean dykes containing the rare plant frogbit, and these can be viewed from the footpath by the river.
Habitats - marshy grassland, fen, wet woodland, scrub, river, pond

When to visit – The best time to visit a fen habitat is in late June and July when the wetland flora is at its best.
Associated Group -  University of East Anglia

Submit a wildlife sighting - Your wildlife records are important to us and we would love to know what wildlife you see when visiting this site. To submit a wildlife record for this site click here.


45 Eaton Street

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