The Brecks

The Landscape

The unique Breckland landscape is a product of low fertility sandy and chalky soils, a dry semi-continental climate and a long history of human land use. For centuries it was managed through shifting arable farming, sheep grazing and rabbit warrening, resulting in a mix of cropped land and fallows (known as ‘Brecks’) which reverted to complex mosaics of acid and chalk grassland alongside heather-dominated heath – habitats supporting many rare species. This largely dry landscape is contrasted by lush wetlands associated with the valleys of meandering chalk rivers and post-glacial meres and pingos. However, the last century has seen massive changes: significant areas were acquired by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s and 30s and planted with commercially managed conifers; while post-War agricultural advances have enabled more effective farming including production of vegetables, salad crops and large numbers of outdoor pigs. Despite these changes significant expanses of Breck heath survive and the area remains a hotspot for biodiversity. 

Priority Habitats

  • The unique grass heath habitat of the Brecks supports a range of rare species.
  • Extensive planting has created the largest lowland conifer forest in England.
  • Relicts of the last glaciation, pingos are important wetland habitats in an otherwise largely dry landscape.

Priority Species

  • The iconic stone curlew is now thriving in the open habitats of the Brecks.
  • Rabbits are an important management tool in maintaining the short swards associated with the Brecks heaths.
  • Enjoying the poor soils of the Brecks, Viper’s Bugloss is strongly associated with this landscape in Norfolk.
Norfolk Wildlife Trust is adopting an ambitious approach to nature conservation: working in partnership with others and engaging local communities to restore and create networks of habitats at a landscape scale. The vision is to forge wildlife-rich Living Landscapes enjoyed by and benefitting all. In the Brecks Living Landscape, NWT proposes to:-
  • Manage the Trust’s extensive and internationally important land holding to ensure achievement of favourable conservation status.
  • Ensure continued sympathetic management of characteristic Brecks heathland sites, and identify opportunities to improve connectivity between them.
  • Promote positive management and restoration of the unique clusters of pingo sites across the Brecks.
  • Support the implementation of targeted conservation action aimed at the survival of iconic species such as the stone curlew, pool frog and guilds of rare invertebrates.
  • Ensure the network of rivers and associated floodplains that cross the landscape are managed in accordance with best practice to maximise their biodiversity value.
  • Work with the Forestry Commission, to secure maximum benefits for society from its land holding.
  • Encourage landowners to farm in ways that support farmland wildlife and deliver ecological connectivity across the countryside.
  • Facilitate, as required, the developing ‘farm cluster’ that is bringing together conservation-minded farmers and landowners.
  • Support research into the sustainable management of both habitats (e.g. through the use of rabbit grazing) and agricultural land (e.g. reducing soil erosion risk and minimising the impact of water abstraction for irrigation).
  • Continue playing an active role in partnership projects such as the ‘Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers Landscape Partnership Scheme’ and ‘Back from the Brink’.
  • Expand opportunities for voluntary action across the Living Landscape in support of both land management and survey and monitoring activity.
  • On the back of its urban strategy, improve links between the area’s market towns and the local environment.

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