Supporting Nature's Recovery

Nature is in trouble. But the good news is there is plenty that you can do to help. Whether you are an individual, part of a community group, or a landowner, we have information and guidance to help and inspire you to play a part in nature’s recovery.


We have specific information and advice for community groups, who can come together to achieve amazing things for wildlife and their local green spaces. We have advice for landowners, including guidance on landscape connectivity and how to consider important species in the landscape. We also have case studies to inform and inspire you to action.

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Introduction to Habitat Management
Guidance on the management of a variety of different habitats
Landowner Information
How to assess and create management plans for your site within the landscape context
Community Groups
How to take action for nature in your local area
Case Studies
Examples of the inspiring work of communities and landowners
Planning and Development
Information on the planning process and wildlife
County Wildlife Sites
Information about Norfolk’s network of 1,300 County Wildlife Sites