Nature Recovery Network – how you can help

A Nature Recovery Network is a joined-up system of places important for wild plants and animals, on land and at sea.

It allows plants, animals, seeds, nutrients and water to move from place to place and enables the natural world to adapt to change. It provides plants and animals with places to live, feed and breed. 

It can only do this effectively if, like our road network, it is treated as a joined-up whole. 

All of us have a role to play. We can help by taking action for, and providing space for, wildlife where we live and work.

We are working with partners, involved in planning and in engaging with people from schools to tourists to protect our wildlife. 

There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference for wildlife in Norfolk. Below are some ideas, including this month - the importance of Toad Patrols!

Creating Norfolk's nature recovery network

Done right, a National Nature Recovery Network will:

  • Deliver nature's recovery by better protecting existing wildlife sites (on land and at sea), creating more space for wildlife (whether rural or urban) and link wildlife habitat
  • Improve physical and mental health by providing more equal access to nature through positive planning of greenspace in the areas we live, helping to reduce health inequalities
  • Give confidence to businesses investing in long term environmental gain - allowing them to work out where and how best to invest their money
  • Provide value for money by aligning funds from different sectors that are paid for delivering environmental improvements e.g. Environment Land Management payments to land managers from the Government and contributions from housing developers.