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Workshops for a Wilder Community

Norfolk Wildlife Trust has developed a new programme of workshops and activities that have been specially designed to support individuals, communities and groups acting for nature in their local area.

The programme consists of:
  •  Group mechanics – topics covered include: community grants, social media, task leadership and how to set up a ‘Friends of Group’
  • Habitat focus – looking at managing, creating or restoring such habitats as ponds, meadows, woodlands and reed/sedge beds
  • Skill sharing – linking with Friends of Eaton Park coming together to help them cut their meadow
  • Practical tool use – workshops to develop skills in scything, peening and safe hand tool use
  • Species focus – including: swifts, pollinators and how to survey wildflowers
  • Community focus – a chance to take a tour with communities doing great things for wildlife
  • Planning for wildlife – webinar on how to get the best outcomes for wildlife from planning decisions where you live