John Hurst: Comings and goings

Wednesday 08 May, 2024
This is John’s sixteenth annual exhibition at Cley Marshes during which he has presented almost three hundred atmospheric, figurative watercolours representing the changing coastal landscape.
The current collection features reference to birds, in particular those who since ‘coming and going’ have become residents. Another development in John’s work has involved the use of overlaid tints, creating a rich depth of colour onto which his well-known dry brush foreground technique is applied.

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Venue Reserve
This event is taking place at NWT Cley and Salthouse Marshes. Click here to view this reserve's profile.
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The Gallery at NWT Cley Marshes.
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Wednesday 8 May - Tuesday 21 May
10am - 5pm daily
Free, no need to book
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No booking required.
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