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NWT Sweet Briar Marshes - The not so early bird

Saturday 27 April, 2024
Join Nick Acheson, NWT Ambassador, on a morning walk to listen for birdsong. It might not quite be a dawn chorus but there will still be lots to see and hear as we explore Sweet Briar Marshes.

Maximum walk length1.5 miles. Uneven under foot.

Discover NWT Sweet Briar Marshes
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Important Health and Safety Information
Events will take place in all weather conditions unless deemed unsafe. Please ensure that you dress appropriately for the weather with suitable footwear. Please be advised to take caution when walking on a site with open water and ensure that you always remain on the designated paths. Biting insects can be present at certain times of the year and you may choose to apply insect repellent as a precaution.


Event details

Venue address
NWT Sweet Briar Marshes
The Marriott's Way
Off Sweet Briar Road
Time and date information
Saturday 27 April, 8am - 10am
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