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Making room for swifts in your neighbourhood

Wednesday 06 July, 2022
Would summer be the same without swift ‘screaming parties’ as they fly overhead? Surely this is something that would be truly missed if we lost these amazing birds that are now listed as a red data book species. On this interactive walk Caroline Spinks, Norwich Swift Network, will give us an insight into these birds and talk about how she is helping to look after swifts in the city. Come and learn how to ‘talk’ swift!

Wilder Community Sessions
This walk is part of a programme specially designed to support individuals, communities and groups acting for nature in their local area. Sessions are subsidised by donations made to Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

To view the full programme please click on this link.

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Eagle Park
42 Hanover Road
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Wednesday 6 July, 6:30 - 8pm
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